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From : Steve League (Affiliate ID #1007SL)

We are extremely happy to see that you want to learn more about Simple Postcard Cash, and we truly believe that after seeing what we offer, you'll be delighted that you have viewed our website.

You are about to discover why we feel that this is the absolute BEST opportunity for anyone to finally be successful in their own business.

We offer an opportunity that NO OTHER company offers! How? Simple Postcard Cash is not designed to be profitable! Let me say that again! Simple Postcard Cash is designed for $0.00 in company profit.

Unlike other companies, Simple Postcard Cash was designed to benefit our affiliates, and NOT the company or owners! ANY and ALL company profits are used to promote our affiliates' businesses!

Consider these benefits:

  1. No Monthly Fees

  2. Commissions Paid Daily

  3. 5 Affiliates Levels

  4. 100% Matching Commissions

  5. Spill-up Commissions

  6. Leadership Bonuses

  7. Up-Grade Anytime

  8. Company Paid Advertising

  9. Group Co-op Marketing

  10. Guaranteed Individual Co-op Marketing

  11. Personal SPC website.

On the next few pages, I'll explain how you could can quickly start putting money in YOUR pocket. You'll learn the facts that you'll need to decide if this opportunity is right for you!

You'll see only the facts! No Hype, No BS, and No Exaggerated promises. (Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website).

So, if you're ready to learn how all this works, and how Simple Postcard Cash can offer YOU so much, lets get started!

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